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packaging design

Packaging design for an Australian sea salt brand. This conceptual brand and product is for sea salt flakes sourced along the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. This product is to be sold at all major Australian airports and targets tourists.

The idea was the represent Australia in the packaging in a unique and elegant way. This product is a sustainably sourced and built product, meaning there is no plastic used throughout the packaging, the box can be recycled and reused which is equally the same with the fabric draw-string pouch that the salt is stored in.

The illustrations are simple line drawings that illustrate the The Great Barrier Reef from an arial view, these have a spot UV finish on them which contrasts against the rough matte card. The only pop of colour is the re-sealable sticker, which is printed on recycled paper, representing the colours of the coral in the reef. The inside of the box has a clear spot UV of the line drawings of the reef, a very subtle design that shows up in certain light, a little element of surprise.

I designed something clean and simple that would attract the buyers attention, which is the main reason I kept to a very simple colour palette, this would stand out compared to the competitions products. The other reason for very minimal colour use was for environmental reasons, less ink is used in this production process and very little colour ink is used.

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